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Industrial Consoles for Dispatch and Control Room Operations

KNTech’s innovative range of modern Dispatch Operator Consoles for Control Room Operations.

A SIP based IP PBX communications console that provides options for telephone and video communication solutions.

Efficiently used to improve communications in a wide range of industries such as; airports, undergrounds, tunnels, ferry, bus and rail terminals and large factories to respond to emergency call and oversee general facility communication.

The dispatch and operator console’s are a multi-function telephone switchboard, primarily a telephone dispatcher, inventively designed to offers the console users(s) simple and effective methods to control peaks demands with ease of use.

Options include; touch screen monitoring, video conferencing, multi-party calling and in-call station management. Other features include; one or two handsets, calls waiting, call queuing, parallel call answering and hold system. The operator console’s can record each call in separate files and automatically upload audio and video communication video to FTP Server.


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