Catagories – ATEX Approved Telephones

ATEX Certified, IP66 Watertight, Intrinsically Safe Telephones, guaranteed professional and safe communications within hazardous environments, such as; Nuclear Power Plants, Chemical Factories, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Mines….

II 2G Ex db ib IIBT5 Gb

Professional ATEX Certified Solutions

Wall mounted atex certified telephone

KN ATEX approved telephones are designed for environments where their is potential for explosive and flammable hazardous, such as; chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical. Manufactured from strong and durable aluminium alloy, as a result the telephones are non-corrosive, rugged with a high level of durability, this complemented with highest quality software and hardware to ensure safety and quality communications are maintained at all times, in just about all environments.

Full of protective and helpful features 

Standard features such as a large keypad with large metal buttons, stainless spiral cord, a magnetic reed hook-switch, a heavy duty handset with a

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hearing aid compatible receiver and noise cancelling microphone, as a result theses features ensure a compromise between quality within tough operating condition. The hands-free versions can have an induction loop fitted, on request. Tamper proof fixings and mounting bars are supplied as standard this to deter theft. With the optional watertight door enclosure which has a spring driven spiral metal hinge and (optional) door lock mechanism, the telephone remains IP66 watertight, even when the door is open.

Option to Customise

There is many options for customisation, such as; screen printing of graphics and pictograms, fitted relays, in call and standby functions, remote status reporting, choice of telephone colours, beacons and speakers.

Version Availability

Analogue or SIP (VoIP) Conforms to IEC IP66 CE

Certifications – Watertight Vandal Proof Telephone 

EN 60529  – IP66 watertight and dust ingress rating –  

CE – This mark indicates compliance with the: Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive 2004/108/EC

EN IEC 60079-0:2018, EN 60079-1:2014, EN 60079-11:2012 – Compliance with essential health and safety requirements

EX Protection rating: II 2G Ex db ib IIB T5 Gb


Demo of the KNTech Dispatch Console System